As part of its 5th anniversary celebrations, the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) organized the national “Astronaut for a day” competition, enabling 35 high school students to experience a weightless flight and become a “space ambassador” for Luxembourg.

The 35 winners will become space ambassadors during the 2023/2024 school year, to set up initiatives to promote space in their respective communities, with the help of LSA. They will be invited to come and meet industry professionals, and to represent space at various events.

“Astronauts are people who know how to do a lot of things, they’re a bit like superheroes,” said Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot on Saturday.

Talent development is essential for the future of the space industry, as the sector is subject to fierce competition for a relatively small pool of talent. LSA has organized the “Astronaut for a Day” competition to raise awareness among children, students and the general public of space in general, and of the many related professions.

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