Skippet, a pioneer in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), is changing the way people interact with computers.

Skippet announces the closing of its $2.2m seed round led by VC fund Neo with participation from Wedbush Ventures, Studio Management, Gaingels, Assure, and prominent US and European angel investors.

Skippet empowers everyone to create custom digital solutions to solve problems without needing to code. Write out your problem in plain English, and Skippet uses its knowledge of your existing systems and integrations, along with state-of-the-art language models to create or modify an application or workflow. This is made possible by Skippet’s proprietary architecture which translates natural language into fit-for-purpose solutions.

From individuals to large organizations, people should be able to seamlessly customize software in a world where business needs are always changing. Skippet makes inflexible and expensive software redundant.

We were inspired to build Skippet by our experience in helping over 200 organizations (schools & businesses) through the COVID-19 pandemic. We developed MyMedBot, a no-code platform for digitizing COVID-19 communication protocols that automated over 11 million forms. Our customers made us realize how many people are excluded from modern technology and are stuck with complicated and inflexible tools offered by expensive software vendors. – Jacob Arnould , Co-Founder & CEO at Skippet

Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company is fully remote and international. If you are a software engineer or product designer and the mission excites you, get in touch – Skippet is hiring!

The seed round funding will be used to grow the product development team and roll-out Skippet to its 200 MyMedBot customers and beyond. Skippet will be released in private beta in February 2022.

Press release by Skippet

© Photo by Jacob Arnould