The 26th and 27th of October marked Luxembourg for Finance’s 4th annual Sustainable Finance Forum. The event, held over two livestreamed sessions, brought together experts from across the sustainable finance field to discuss a number of topics, including the need for regions to work together in developing a global approach, new investment trends, and the effects of disclosure regulations and the EU Taxonomy.

Two clear messages emerged across the various discussions:

  • The transition towards climate neutrality and sustainable finance needs to be sped up. While LFF’s latest study, presented at the event, shows that there has been significant activity in the area, more work is needed to truly onboard sustainable finance and transition the economy.
  • Social and Governance factors are increasingly moving into the limelight, with the pandemic and social movements conveying the importance of these goals.

Looking forward, participants mentioned that while large strides forward have already been made, there is a need for new sustainable financial products and the acceleration of sustainable finance training for professionals.

If you missed out on the event, the full replays can be found here.

by Luxembourg for Finance