Initiate and Cashback 80% are two innovative programs supporting startups in leveraging the power of Luxembourg supercomputer MeluXina, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to unlock their full potential.

Through our programs, startups will gain access to cutting-edge supercomputing resources, enabling them to accelerate their research and business goals – Filipe Pais, CCSO of LuxProvide

The first program, “INITIATE,” is explicitly tailored for early-stage startups looking to refine their business ideas and prototyping with supercomputing. LuxProvide will grant these startups access to MeluXina and provide hands-on technical training, expert mentorship, and dedicated support to enable startups to effectively utilize the capabilities of MeluXina and leverage data insights for better decision-making.

The second program, “CASHBACK 80%,” designed in partnership with Luxembourg’s Ministry of Economy, targets established startups aiming to scale up. Under this initiative, LuxProvide will offer selected startups significant supercomputing resources and also work closely with them, offering personalized consultations and guidance to maximize their use of supercomputing capabilities.

To apply to the programs or learn more about them, see here.