Eurostat confirmed that in contrast to most other EU countries, Luxembourg’s average age has stayed largely unchanged over the past decade.

Across the EU countries, the median age in 2022 ranged from 38.3 years in Cyprus, 38.8 in Ireland and 39.7 in Luxembourg to 48.0 years in Italy, 46.8 in Portugal and 46.1 in Greece. In total, 18 EU countries were below the EU’s median age.

In 2022, more than one fifth (21.1 %) of the EU population was aged 65 and over and half was older than 44.4 years.

According to a 2022 Eurostat study, Luxembourg has the second lowest number of inhabitants over the age of 65 in the entire EU, 14.5% as a proportion of its population, well below the EU average of 20.6%.

Luxembourg continues to attract a young and educated workforce

Luxembourg’s relatively young age structure compared to many other EU member states has been positively influenced by the significant number of immigrants arriving in recent years, many of whom are now of working age.



The country also continues to draw a young and educated workforce from various countries to fill its wide range of skilled jobs in the international finance sector, IT, healthcare, logistics, consulting and in EU and international organisations.

Attractive salaries and a high standard of living carry on attracting a steady flow of expats every year to the Grand Duchy.