Luxembourg was part of the Colorado School of Mines Space Resources Roundtable this year!

✔️Bob Lamboray, Luxembourg Space Agency, talking about recent developments

✔️ Lari Cujko introducing the ESRIC Start-up Support programme
✔️ Abigail Calzada Diaz talking about Genetic Geological Modelling for Lunar Resources
✔️ Dennis Harries focusing on hydrogen Reduction of Ilmenite for the Production of Oxygen and Metals from Lunar Regolith
✔️ Marek Rozehnal representing the second start-up selected for incubation as part of the ESRIC Start-up Support programme – Lightigo s.r.o. Space

Many thanks to the conference President and Chair Angel Abbud-Madrid and the team behind the event for an inspiring conference!

Read more: SRR-2023-Final-Program

photo credit ©ESRIC