Consul General Daniel Da Cruz and Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) co-founder Marc Oswald met at our San Francisco office to talk about the impressive journey of its TAO platform and Luxembourg’s dynamic environment for innovative companies. Watch the full video by Hub Brussels here: EU in Sillicon Valley – Episode 4

OAT is the leading open-source assessment solution for education and employment. They provide the most secure and reliable assessment tools and services through openness and collaboration, with a mission to empower educators with tools for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders. They offer assessments in education from kindergarten to secondary because every student should be able to access a great education. 

OAT has been recently acquired by Uchida Yoko Co., Japan’s Education Technology market leader, to further expand OAT’s global customer base and to advance the development of its award-winning suite of integrated digital assessment products.

“Since our launch in 2013, OAT has been a key driver in the adoption of modern and affordable e-assessment solutions across the world,” says Marc Oswald, co-founder and CEO at OAT. “Now with Uchida Yoko, we’re going to continue innovating by capitalizing on open source and open standards, the foundation that empowers education leaders to advance learning outcomes at all levels.”

Open Assessment Technologies is currently present in the U.S., European, and Japanese markets. More info about #OpenAssessmentTechnologies is available on:

The video was produced by San Francisco for #EU in Silicon Valley.