Luxembourg battery upcycling startup Circu Li-ion joins the Startup World Cup final in San Francisco on Dec 1 to compete for 1 million USD investment from Pegasus Ventures.

Circu Li-ion was among ten startups who pitched at the regional awards in Luxembourg on 13 June. Other participants included digital funds Software as a Service startup Fundvis, social and music tech startup KEYM, Software as a Medical Device startup MDsim, spacetech and logistics startup Odysseus Space, Greentech Software as a Service ClimateCamp, ecommerce operating system GoNuggets, medtech Myelin-H, marketing tech startup Veezzy, and industrial technology startup Warden Machinery.

“The entrepreneurship ecosystem here in Luxembourg is definitely evolving, getting stronger and stronger. And the world-class, competitive capabilities of the entrepreneurs here are getting better and better.”

Bill Reichert, Pegasus Ventures partner

Officially founded in 2022, and now with activities in Luxembourg and Germany, Circu Li-ion gives a second life to lithium batteries, providing significant CO2 reductions.

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