In an era where over 5 billion individuals engage on social media for upwards of 2.5 hours daily, a vast majority of today’s businesses boast a social presence. Yet, Hootsuite’s latest research reveals a gap: 56% of social marketing teams say their organizations don’t understand the business impact of social media. That’s concerning since social media is one of the only spaces where businesses can have a two-way dialogue—consisting of listening and responding—to build and nurture real customer relationships.

For businesses on social, “listening and talking” translates into “insights and actions” that drive impact.

This sparks a game-changing shift from social media management (the category Hootsuite started) to a category evolution fueled by customer demand: social media performance.

The combination of social listening’s best insights technology, Talkwalker, brought into Hootsuite, will leapfrog the industry into the future of social marketing.” Irina Novoselsky, CEO of Hootsuite

Irina Novoselsky adds: “We have had listening for years. But it was industry standard, just like everyone else’s. While that worked then, the industry is entering a new era of social media performance. To achieve this, we’re building a social media performance engine, a feedback loop where AI takes consumer data and generates insights for actionable strategies and measurable impact.”

Hootsuite exists to help customers unlock the value of their social media relationships. And by acquiring Talkwalker, Hootsuite takes this mission to the next level. By bringing together two complementary category leaders, businesses will, for the first time, have a social media performance engine to turn insights into action into impact—all fueled by AI.

Press release by Hootsuite.