13 November 2018, 6pm : We are hosting a Movie Night Special Edition “Luxembourg – Senegal: Nio far” at Alliance Française in San Francisco.

Screening of contemporary Luxembourg films LISTEN (38 mins) and DEM DEM! (30 mins)  for their San Francisco Premiere! We’ll kick off the night with a Luxembourg wine tasting at 6 pm, films at 7 pm.

RSVP for tickets at events@afsf.com


LISTEN by Jacques Molitor with the support of  Stop Aids Now/Acces and Enda Santé, 2017 – 38 mins

Jacques Molitor’s documentary about stigmatization of HIV in West Africa gives a unique glimpse into the lives of three activists devoted to protect the rights of vulnerable populations.

DEM DEM ! by Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia, Christophe Rolin Luxembourg, Belgium, Senegal, 2017 – 30 mins

On a regular fishing day, Matar discovers a mysterious bag on a beach of Dakar. Inside he finds a passport of a Belgian man with African origins. He starts to imagine what it would be like to look like the unknown Belgian. Days go by, and the appearance of Matar is slowly changing, becoming more and more enigmatic.