RENO, NV AND LUXEMBOURG—nZero, the leading near real-time carbon management and accounting platform, announced that it has closed a $16 million Series A funding round that will enable the company to scale amid a global call for better, more accurate tracking and reporting of energy, financial, and greenhouse gas emissions data across the public and private sectors. nZero set up in Luxembourg in 2020. The Tour de Luxembourg Cycling Race became the first to carry out its carbon footprint in real time using nZero to set new benchmarks for future professional Cycling Races.

The influx of funding arrives as more organizations worldwide strive to use data to implement and reach climate change goals.

Since our inception, we’ve aggregated more than 1 billion data points across 12,000 buildings and 10,000 vehicles, all being tracked by nZero, and this is just the beginning of our upwards trajectory.

The round was led by both Fifth Wall—the largest asset manager focused on improving, future-proofing, and decarbonizing the built world—and a national US energy company. Additional investors include Piedmont Capital Investments, Inc. with limited partner Henry Kravis, founder and co-chairman of KKR.

We have a proven track record in providing the best near-real-time, granular data across all scopes of emissions, which business and government leaders can use for operational and capital planning, leveraging tax credits, and the evolving reporting standards.

Our next chapter will enable us to grow as a data authority and bring our tech platform to scale, deepening our work with Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, government agencies and NGOs, Adam Kramer President and CEO at nZero.

nZero is the only 24/7 carbon management solution with the ability to sync automatically, analyze, and manage carbon emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 on a granular level, ultimately pairing financial and emissions data and insights that empower true business change. Offering continuous 24/7 tracking, nZero captures hour-by-hour emissions changes in an easy-to-use platform to help clients track, manage, and report out their sustainability goals. Since launching its services in April 2021, nZero has worked with various corporate, agriculture and government entities globally to help them understand their actual carbon impact and develop the most financially efficient and sustainable emissions reductions plans.

nZero is experiencing significant tailwinds and, in turn, unprecedented growth from a global call for improved, more accurate ESG reporting.

Their market-leading team is setting the new industry standard for how energy, financial, and greenhouse gas emissions data is tracked and managed across the public and private sectors. We’re supporting a startup that is leveraging technology to transform how companies and governments plan and set climate goals and adjust operations accordingly to reach those goals. Truth through better data is the fundamental reason we are backing nZero, Jennifer Place Principal on the Climate Technology Investment Team at Fifth Wall.

Press release by nzero