The little bot named QTrobot, from University of Luxembourg spin-off LuxAI, links therapists, parents, and autistic children. The robot, which features an LCD face and robotic arms, allows kids who are overwhelmed by human contact to become more comfortable in a therapeutic setting. LuxAI received the coveted CES Tech for a Better World Innovation Award, giving QTrobot a permanent and prominent place in the CES roadshow as it tours the world.

“This exposure is really important for us in creating awareness, whether in parents of children with autism, charities, investors or other developers,” says co-founder Dr. Aida Nazariklorram . “Social robotics is developing fast, and we’re particularly excited to use the QTrobot platform to create new R&D projects with likeminded companies using AI for STEM education and early learning care.” LuxAI was part of the CES Luxembourg Village showcasing 16 Luxembourg start-ups.