Cargolux new business unit, Aquarius Aerial Firefighting (Aquarius AFF) will operate a fleet of 12 Air Tractor AT-802F Fire Boss aircraft to be acquired over a three-year period. The first 3 aircraft have already been delivered and are expected to be ready for deployment by May 2024.

Through its entrance into this activity, Aquarius AFF will alleviate some of the capacity shortfall for aerial firefighting in Europe and beyond.

Extreme weather patterns, global warming and their consequences, such as wildfires, are an increasing issue for global communities.

Aquarius AFF aims to provide assistance in the fight against devastating wildfires that threaten human lives, natural resources and significantly contributes to global CO2 emissions. Cargolux is strongly committed to sustainability and this new venture will enable the company to lead a solution-oriented project, tackling one of the root causes of CO2 emissions.

Aquarius AFF will build on Cargolux’ experience and high safety standards to develop its aerial firefighting activity. True to its pioneering spirit, Cargolux is venturing into new territory for an all-cargo airline.

“The inauguration of Aquarius Aerial Firefighting as a new business unit of Cargolux is an exciting new chapter in the company’s history. Over the past years, we have witnessed wildfires becoming a growing global issue that requires a rapid response. Not only do such fires emit significant amounts of CO2 but they pose a significant danger to lives and livelihoods. As a responsible corporate citizen I see it as our responsibility to help tackle this problem. I look forward to Aquarius Aerial Firefighting becoming an integral part of the solution.”, says Richard Forson, President & CEO of Cargolux.

Press release: www.cargolux-launches-aerial-firefighting-unit