Today, Luxembourg is home to more than 70 public and private players in the space sector employing more than 1400 people. Technological evolutions, miniaturization, the fall in launch prices facilitate and stimulate the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives. This also comes with new challenges linked to a more intense use of earth orbits.

Sustainability at the heart of the national space strategy

The space strategy will focus on 4 priorities:

  • Economic sustainability: consolidate positioning of companies and research labs, seize opportunities on new markets with significant commercial perspectives and offer a favorable frame to develop the sector and attract private investment.
  • Sustainability on Earth: contribute to address societal and environmental challenges, reinforce and develop capabilities to serve other economic sectors, reinforce and develop capabilities to contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Sustainability in Space: in light of the intensifying use of space orbits, promote a responsible and sustainable use of outer space, be actively involved in the international fora, reinforce and develop capabilities in space traffic management and in-orbit servicing.
  • Sustainable use of space resources: continue supporting the initiative, support the creation of new knowledge and new technologies, position ESRIC as European hub for the development of a sustainable utilization of space resources, continue Luxembourg’s international engagement.

The implementation of the strategy will be done through financing activities, talent development, international cooperation, evolution of the legal and regulatory framework and communication actions with strategic projects such as the LSA Data Centre and the Space Campus as important drivers.

by Luxembourg Space Agency