Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco announced new initiatives to help accelerate digital transformation in Luxembourg. These will focus on three pillars; cybersecurity, talent development and education, and sustainability. As part of its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program, Cisco will continue to support Digital Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy’s long-term digitalization movement.

“Since the start of our collaboration with Cisco in 2018, we have made great progress in addressing challenges like cybersecurity and digital education. Today, we have agreed to further develop these initiatives and embark on new areas.

We intend to utilise Cisco’s expertise in the field of sustainability to accelerate our Net Zero strategy.

Reflecting upon the success of our first Country Digital Acceleration partnership with Cisco, I am confident that we will continue delivering on our joint objective to facilitate Luxembourg’s country-wide digitalization”, said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

“Luxembourg’s top position across various international rankings demonstrates the positive impact of digitization for their citizens and economy, and I am proud of Cisco’s involvement. We both agree that developing Luxembourg’s future workforce and safeguarding the security of critical infrastructure and core assets of the financial sector are critical to a successful digitization strategy.

The past years have shown that Luxembourg is a globally connected economy, a testbed for innovation and a forward-thinking country.

I thank the Prime Minister for his continued trust in Cisco”, said Chuck Robbins.

Highlights of the first phase of the Cisco Country Digital Acceleration programme in Luxembourg

  • Talent development and education: contributing to the Grand-Duchy’s Digital Skills Bridge Program, six Cisco Networking Academies are operating in Luxembourg, and 2,100 students were certified during the first phase of CDA. In partnership with the University of Luxembourg, Cisco is accelerating innovation in education through the ‘Collaboration 21’ program which aims to address challenges at the intersection of user experience, educational sciences and digital technologies.
  • High performance computing (HPC): Cisco participated in the development of the Meluxina supercomputer at LuxProvide which will become one of the 50 best performing supercomputers in the world. Following Cisco’s business model study, the HPC platform is now in production.
  • Cybersecurity: program for critical infrastructure security outlined; DNS protection services developed for all SMEs in Luxembourg.

Press release by Cisco